san juan del río, mexico


industrial building and administrative offices


23,713 m²

year of design



san juan del río, mexico

a building questioning industrial processes, in juxtaposition of craftsmanship and modernism.

the hirschvogel project is an industrial building for a german high technology automotive supplier in central mexico. usually, the notion of industry is associated with functionality and the brute density of materials. in most cities around the world, industry is segregated from civic life, pushed toward the edges of the cityscape, perhaps because in the logic of economics industry must be automatic, cold and efficient like the machines it uses.

this project takes a different and innovative approach. buttressed by the conviction that industry and the human condition are inseparable, we infused the industrial spaces we design with the overarching virtues of humanity’s creative instinct. industrial activity is, after all, a human endeavor.

regarding the use of material, the project follows these principles and transforms it into an esthetically unique object; there is a side by side of craftsmanship, which is materialized in the natural stone wall along the basement, and industrialized modern architecture, which is materialized in the glass box on top.

credits & colaborations

thanks a lot of our friends / team:

moritz melchert

director /

gert graf

project manager /

ruben jiménez

project designer /

catalina vilchis

architectural supervisor /

joaquín miranda

construction supervisor /

ernesto embriz

engineering supervisor /

jesús roura

engineering supervisor /

gerardo flores

architect /

miguel izaguirre

architect /

maría carballo

architect /

silvia díaz

architect /

baris wenzel

architect /

vani monjaraz

architect /

gabriela aguirre

architect /

esteban landa

architect /

césar ávila

architect /

oliver guerrero

architect /

alberto bautista

architect /

alejandra pérez

architect /

abraham mena

visual artist/

onnis luque


simplicity in architecture