moncayo club house

moncayo club house

mexico city, mexico


club house with multi-purpose room, play room, outdoor swimming pool & gymnasium


894 m²

year of design



mexico city, mexico

a building compensating the side effects of a sleeping city.

moncayo club house is a community center for a typical middle class sleeping city in the outskirts of mexico city. on a social level, the project is an attempt at giving back some of the urbanity a sleeping city usually does not offer; it intends to bring people together and thus fulfills their needs of community life.

the building is strategically located at the entry point to the neighborhood, serving as a recognizable landmark for inhabitants and visitors alike. it’s all about openness and not seclusion, by stimulating urban integrity. esthetically, the project is a contrast to the well-known single-family housing typologies, but also to the colorful earthy containing walls of its surroundings through both; form and use of materials. disposing of a clear volumetric language, the entrance arch is undoubtedly an esthetical element, but it converts into an architectural container for the community center’s specific use of a gym (located within the arch), kid’s playroom and pool area on the entrance level and a multipurpose room in its basement, all connected by several terraces.

credits & colaborations

thanks a lot of our friends / team:

moritz melchert

director /

rubén jiménez

strategy director /

rené cruz

project coordinator /

armando román

creative director /

adair linares

architect /

guillermo lópez

architect /

andré torres

architect /

andrea trejo

architect /

aníbal gonzález

architect /

edith lópez

architect /

maría carballo

architect /

santiago olguin

architect /

abraham mena

visual artist /

onnis luque


simplicity in architecture