san luis potosí, mexico


industrial building, administrative offices & exterior works


8,750 m²

year of design



san luis potosí, mexico

designed in 2015 and erected in 2016 in the city of san luis potosí, the quin automotive plant consists of an industrial plant, administrative building, parking lot and enveloping green areas. the design prioritizes current operational-industrial processes, while providing for future growth of the company. the architectural approach is sober, contemporary and monumental, while ensuring every space respects the human scale of company personnel. the first phase, recently finished, consists of the industrial nave, administrative building, areas for exterior machinery and community zones furnished with attractive stairways and benches where the employees can socialize and enjoy the outdoors. providing a contemporary, identifiable signature of the industrial purpose of the project, a saw-tooth roof protects the stairways and creates a foyer connecting the two main areas. a green belt surrounds the several buildings, serving as a buffer zone between the plant and urban environs. In line with the company’s corporate image, the interior is simple and clean, relying on polished concrete floors and custom wood furnishings.

credits & colaborations

thanks a lot of our friends / team:

moritz melchert

director /

josé moreno

constructor supervisor /

joaquín miranda

constructor supervisor /

rené cruz

executive project manager /

moritz bernoully


simplicity in architecture