casa tenextepec

casa tenextepec

puebla, mexico


holiday house with bungalows & stables


1,770 m2

year of design



puebla, mexico

the particular design challenge consists of marrying a contemporary architectural proposal with the client’s preference for a tuscan style country home. the main house and multicar garage area occupy the front left quadrant with stables standing on the opposite right corner as far away from the house as the lot allows. bracketed between these features, four guest bungalows are spaced around the central patio and pool. each of these areas provides a sense of autonomy and privacy, while the entire right strip of the property from entrance to the stables is devoted to open lawns, favoring long sightlines of the louvered facades and skillion roofs of the several structures. in terms of volumetrics, the main house consists of a duplet of structures set at right angles with an interstitial passage way. one of these structures is devoted to the living area and kitchen with bedrooms on the second floor, while the other exploits the double height to create an uplifting formal dining room.

credits & colaborations

thanks a lot of our friends / team:

moritz melchert

director /

cruz criollo

creative director /

santiago olguin

architect /

giulia bossi

intern /

abraham mena

visual artist

simplicity in architecture