bird observatory

bird observatory pape national park, latvia program bird observatory area 412 m² year of design 2017 location pape national park, latvia “the closer we are to nature and animals, the better we get to know them.” this architectural project aims to be an iconic landmark in pape national park in latvia. designed for bird observation, […]

moncayo housing

moncayo housing mexico city, mexico program housing area 56 houses, 179 m2 each year of design 2016 – 2019 20 location mexico city, mexico this proposal currently under construction, provides an integrated plan for this residential club complex, designing the access portico, club house, green areas, street layout, parcelization and the housing prototypes. the hexagon […]

city of justice

city of justice mexico city, mexico program courts, cultural center, offices, museum, shooping mall & underground parking area 114,824 m² year of design 2017 location mexico city, mexico designed for the judicial system of the federated state of mexico, this project places the state’s tribunals at the center of an integrating urban development scheme by […]


aquarium mexico program aquarium area 5,670 m² year of design 2017 location mexico planned for a capacity of up to 3,000 visitors per day, the aquarium shall be the centerpiece of this water resort renovation. the box-shaped aquarium towers as high as the crown of palm trees planted around the entire perimeter and functions as […]

merida masterplan

mérida masterplan mérida, mexico program social housing complex area 73 hectares year of design 2012 location mérida, mexico this is an eco-friendly housing development, becoming home to nearly 20,000 people in the metropolitan area of mérida, the economic center of mexico’s yucatan peninsula. although the development fills a gap in the social housing market and […]

monument of unity

monument of unity berlin, germany program interactive monument area 4000 m² year of design 2009 location berlin, germany iconico submitted its design to the 2009 international design competition to highlight the theme of national unity and liberty sponsored by the state ministry of construction and transportation in germany. A grove of twenty-five metallic conifers, each […]

campeche urban center

campeche urban center campeche, mexico program office & institutional area 84,000 m² year of design 2014 location campeche, mexico this ambitious mixed-use development project, offering residential apartments, office space and a hotel, is located in the city of campeche on the leeward side of mexico’s yucatan peninsula. a two-story mall comprises the base volumetrics, from […]

house of john paul II

house of john paul II krakow, poland program museum, research institute, conference center, chapel & training facilities area 62,481 m² year of design 2008 location krakow, poland from afar this cultural space stands as a singular, spotless gesture on the horizon, an apt commemoration of the life and achievements of his holiness pope john paul […]


terrazas ciudad juárez chihuahua, mexico program renovation of a shopping mall area 3,847 m² year of design 2016 location ciudad juárez chihuahua, mexico built in 2004, the terrazas shopping mall is perhaps ciudad juarez’s most important shopping destination. originally designed to keep the heat out and cool air in, the result was a drab, inward-looking […]


hirschvogel san juan del río, mexico program industrial building and administrative offices area 23,713 m² year of design 2016-2018 location san juan del río, mexico the hirschvogel industrial complex occupies eleven hectares in the san juan del río industrial park in the state of querétaro. the project consists of an office building, two industrial naves […]