aztec stadium

mexico city, mexico


masterplan with green areas, sport facilities, entertainment center & shopping facilities


4.2 ha

year of design



mexico city, mexico

the aztec stadium, also known as the “colossus of santa ursula”, has attained iconic status in the history of international sporting events and as one of the most representative symbols of the mexican identity. the refurbishing of this monumental landmark must address social, culture, historical and urban issues, deploying an approach informed by an appreciation of the existing space in order to posit a vivid, respectful reinterpretation of the stadium complex, adding freshness and dynamism, while preserving its abiding essence. a light rail station brings visitors and fans directly to the main plaza, where new anchor stores, assorted commercial locales, green areas and several scaled down event venues invite citizens to inhabit the spaces in and about the stadium year-round. this approach serves to reactivate the local economy, while handing over the social-urban duty of managing and preserving this invaluable asset to the people of the locality

credits & colaborations

moritz melchert director /  juan carlos gonzález / leni farenzena architect / juan antonio del llano architect / daniel lópez architect / mónica i. martínez architect / oliver molar architect / francisco garcía architect / oscar barajas architect / lucía ramírez architect / rubén sánchez architect / roberto maldonado architect / pedro lechuga visual artist


simplicity in architecture

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