maribor art gallery

maribor, slovenia


art gallery with exhibition areas and additional program


14,810 m²

year of design



maribor, slovenia

the building is located right at the edge of the historic city center of maribor on the riverbanks. the architectural form can be desribed as “four towers sitting on a pedestal”.

historically, the four towers of the building remind of maribor’s medieval rectangualar city wall, with four defense towers located in each corner. considering the aesthetic features of maribor, which is often described as “city of roofs”, the building makes also reference to it.

the concept of space in between the four towers turns into the mission statement for the building’s overall organization; the city’s living room, a covered plaza, is located on ground floor. Access from all four directions makes this a strategic point and part of the city and its urban system. there is a highly attractive system of ramps inside the building connecting the ground floor with the different gallery levels.

reinterpretation of maribor as “city of roofs”



bird’s eye perspective


credits & colaborations

tomas kristof colaboration / moritz melchert director / juan carlos gonzález / ulises del llano visual artist

simplicity in architecture

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