mérida masterplan

mérida, mexico


social housing complex


73 hectares

year of design



mérida, mexico

this is an eco-friendly housing development, becoming home to nearly 20,000 people in the metropolitan area of mérida, the economic center of mexico’s yucatan peninsula. although the development fills a gap in the social housing market and is aimed at a lower scale, the project proposes a versatile and inventive series of housing prototypes with a positive commercial profile that would create a sense of community pride. this masterplan encompasses almost 6,000 dwellings, various sports facilities, a commercial retail center, public transport routes, bicycle and car paths. a central belt of parkland keeps it all together and encourages mobility and relaxation.

housing typologies


combination of typologies


credits & colaborations

moritz melchert director / ana lucia ramírez architect / oscar barajas architect / sergio monroy visual artist

simplicity in architecture

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