monument of unity

berlin, germany


interactive monument


4000 m²

year of design



berlin, germany

iconico submitted its design to the 2009 international design competition to highlight the theme of national unity and liberty sponsored by the state ministry of construction and transportation in germany. A grove of twenty-five metallic conifers, each representing a key historical event that changed the course of german history, advocates a non-linear conception of history, wherein discreet events can trigger far-ranging consequences. with this idea in mind, each conic element constructed of highly polished steel and rotating either clockwise or counterclockwise reflects the image of visitors who are invited to move from cone to cone freely in a metaphorical rite of the individual’s role in shaping a country’s destiny.

location diagram


credits & colaborations

moritz melchert director /  juan carlos gonzález / pedro lechuga visual artist

simplicity in architecture

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