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new commission

club hípico is our latest project commission. the masterplan proposes 87 single family houses. more information on the project will be published soon.

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vote for us!

Our project Quin been nominated by Archdaily for “Obra del Año 2021” for Industrial Architecture. Vote for our project here!

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tok is a high-end residential project in cancún, which includes apartments, amenities and retail. you can find more information on this project here.

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social media – instagram

we open up our official account on instagram to stay in touch with people, publish our latest projects, but mostly to contribute to culture and design on social media.

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moncayo club house finished

moncayo club house is a community center for a typical middle class sleeping city in the outskirts of mexico city. the project is an attempt at giving back some of the urbanity a sleeping city usually does not offer; it intends to bring people together and thus fulfills their needs of community life.

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social media – facebook

we open up our official account on facebook to stay in touch with people, publish our latest projects but mostly to contribute to culture and design on social media.

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hirschvogel project finished

the hirschvogel project is an industrial building for a german high technology automotive supplier in central mexico. this project takes a different and innovative approach. buttressed by the conviction that industry and the human condition are inseparable, we infused the industrial spaces we design with the overarching virtues of humanity’s creative instinct. industrial activity is, after all, a human endeavor.

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new facilities for macole

construction just started on this 700-square meter building in querétaro for macole, an integral service company with headquarters in germany. the building was designed by iconico earlier this year and is planned to be finished in november 2018.

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grand opening at hirschvogel plant

hirschvogel’s grand opening took place today in the company’s recently finished facilities in san juan del río, located in central mexico. iconico has been involved in this prestigious project since its beginning; we accompanied our client from conceptual planning all the way to construction supervision. congratulations to hirschvogel and everybody who was involved in this great project!

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visit in san juan del río

some of the iconico team is currently working on a construction site at san juan del río, in the state of querétaro. our team in mexico city visited them last friday 9th to spend the day together and have a tour around the construction area.

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conference in san francisco, california

moritz melchert, founder and director of iconico, was invited by our colleagues, BAR architects, to expose his views and personal insights on leading a multicultural design-specialized studio in the actual mexican context. the conference with the title “connect under transformation – the thin line between consciousness, responsibility and inspiration”, was held in san francisco, california and was a great opportunity to present iconico’s innovative work to an international design community.

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inaugural ceremony of hirschvogel components mexico

the ceremony took place in querétaro, mexico, to officially inaugurate the construction of the first hirschvogel automotive group industrial building in mexico. the governor of the state, the president of hirschvogel mexico, iconico directors and important delegates were some of the assistants.

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