querétaro business park

querétaro, mexico


offices, retail, cinemas & hotel


10 hectares

year of design



querétaro, mexico

one of mexico’s leading developers recently earmarked ten hectares the zibatá neighborhood of queretaro for the development of a massive mixed-use business park. the plan includes twenty office buildings, ground floor retail, a hotel and apartment units. an all-purpose parking structure for 3,600 cars lies beneath the entire park with distributed access points to the buildings above. built on a 40 m slope bordering a golf course and university campus, the design utilizes the site’s topography through a system of interconnected terraces that sustain an illusion of level ground. amid a delightful variety of trees planted at the garage level that thrust through openings in the pedestrian plaza, users can circulate to and from an assortment of restaurants, banks, movie theaters, and a convention center.

central area


functional diagram


credits & colaborations

moritz melchert director / gabriel alvarez architect / sergio monroy visual artist / alonso rosales visual artist

simplicity in architecture

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