maribor art gallery

maribor art gallery maribor, slovenia program art gallery with exhibition areas and additional program area 14,810 m² year of design 2010 location maribor, slovenia the building is located right at the edge of the historic city center of maribor on the riverbanks. the architectural form can be desribed as “four towers sitting on a pedestal”. […]


cecofam mexico city, mexico program child care center area 2,281 m² year of design 2017 location mexico city, mexico this family recreation center is designed to provide diverse spaces and activities for children of all ages and their parents. exploiting a horseshoe layout, the project aggregates a small performance theater, administrative offices on two levels […]

city of justice

city of justice mexico city, mexico program courts, cultural center, offices, museum, shooping mall & underground parking area 114,824 m² year of design 2017 location mexico city, mexico designed for the judicial system of the federated state of mexico, this project places the state’s tribunals at the center of an integrating urban development scheme by […]


aquarium mexico program aquarium area 5,670 m² year of design 2017 location mexico planned for a capacity of up to 3,000 visitors per day, the aquarium shall be the centerpiece of this water resort renovation. the box-shaped aquarium towers as high as the crown of palm trees planted around the entire perimeter and functions as […]

monument of unity

monument of unity berlin, germany program interactive monument area 4000 m² year of design 2009 location berlin, germany iconico submitted its design to the 2009 international design competition to highlight the theme of national unity and liberty sponsored by the state ministry of construction and transportation in germany. A grove of twenty-five metallic conifers, each […]

house of john paul II

house of john paul II krakow, poland program museum, research institute, conference center, chapel & training facilities area 62,481 m² year of design 2008 location krakow, poland from afar this cultural space stands as a singular, spotless gesture on the horizon, an apt commemoration of the life and achievements of his holiness pope john paul […]


mexico-shanghai shanghai, china program exhibition area, restaurant, museum shop, business center & offices area 4,000 m² year of design 2009 – 2010 location shangai, china this design validates the motto of the world expo shanghai 2010 of ‘better city, better life’ showing how the restoration of urban green areas can improve city life. instead of […]