ciudad juárez chihuahua, mexico


renovation of a shopping mall


3,847 m²

year of design



ciudad juárez chihuahua, mexico

built in 2004, the terrazas shopping mall is perhaps ciudad juarez’s most important shopping destination. originally designed to keep the heat out and cool air in, the result was a drab, inward-looking project with very little dynamism between interior and exterior spaces. iconico identified this dearth as the key design challenge; and the remedy comes in the form of new commercial areas on the ground floor that open outward with restaurants located on the overlooking mezzanine. these spaces are protected from the heat by a glass curtain and hanging gardens, while still providing pleasing, unencumbered sightlines. the glass façade, bold access way equipped with escalator, allowing direct movement to the second floor, and new drop off lane lend contemporary vitality to the project, which is sure to make the terrazas mall a shoppers’ favorite for many years to come.

facade diagram


credits & colaborations

moritz melchert director / miguel izaguirre design coordinator / rené cruz architect / daniel juárez visual artist

simplicity in architecture

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