san juan del río, mexico


industrial building and administrative offices


23,713 m²

year of design



san juan del río, mexico

the hirschvogel industrial complex occupies eleven hectares in the san juan del río industrial park in the state of querétaro. the project consists of an office building, two industrial naves and an access control station. adapting the constituent structures to the sloping land in order to strike a balance between functionality, corporate image and budget, iconico’s design provides an expansive intermediate level platform for the industrial naves, requiring a massive, encompassing retaining wall, the signature element of the design built from stone quarried on the site. Inserted into one corner of the retaining wall polygon on the lower terrace, the office block optimizes the flows of both administrative and manufacturing personnel; and the overall project maximizes the use of natural light, regional vegetation and materials. the result is a functional, nuanced design that projects the company’s robust personality. the building was finished in 2018.



circulation diagram


credits & colaborations

moritz melchert director / gert graf project manager / ruben jiménez aybar project designer / catalina vilchis architectural supervisor / joaquín miranda construction supervisor / ernesto embriz engineering supervisor / jesús roura engineering supervisor / gerardo flores architect / miguel izaguirre architect / maría carballo architect / silvia díaz architect / baris wenzel architect / vani monjaraz architect / gabriela aguirre architect / esteban landa architect / césar ávila architect / oliver guerrero architect / alberto bautista architect / alejandra pérez architect / abraham mena visual artist / onnis luque photography

simplicity in architecture

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